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Sult, Lasse Marhaug


Label: Pica Disk

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Håvard Skaset / Jacob Felix Heule / Guro Skumsnes Moe / Lasse Marhaug. Recorded at Tunnelen, Oslo, May 2014. Mixed at the best studio in Oslo, 2015–2016. A collaborative LP of acoustic improvisors SULT (Håvard Skaset: guitar / Jacob Felix Heule: percussion / Guro Skumsnes Moe: double bass) and Norwegian sound artist Lasse Marhaug. The source material is performed by SULT, while the album was constructed and produced by Lasse Marhaug. In the hands of Marhaug the already dense and visceral expression of SULT is transformed into a maelstrom of layered sheets of scraping noise, rising and collapsing simultaneously. Some listeneres will place “Harpoon” in the proximity of artists like Organum, David Tudor and Ferial Confine, but the music carves its own place in the landscape. A joint release between Pica Disk and Conrad Sound, limited to 200 copies.

Cat. number: PICA 040
Year: 2017