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Al Basim


Label: not on label

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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This is a big one. Privately issued in 1979, Al Basim’s sole LP Revival, is one of the most sought after artifacts released at the end of the psychedelic era. Original copies are impossibly rare, and command astonishing prices. Recorded shortly after Al Basim immigrated to the United States from Iraq, the album is a stunning blend of jazz, prog, new age, and the sounds and structures of the Middle East - an image of a broader musical culture which existed in the region before political realities unleashed their destructive force. Though recorded in America, it is an essential element in reassembling a history afflicted by profound loss. While many musician’s from the West drew on the Middle East for inspiration during this era, it is rare to hear the equation inverted, allowing Revival to flip an entire body of presumption on its head. Musically, it’s a stunning piece of work - a wild series of mind bending instrumental psychedelic jams. It stands up against the best of anything its category and trounces nearly all. An immersive, intoxication wall of sound, we can’t recommend this one enough - among the worthiest trips back in time.  Limited remastered edition of 250 LPs.


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Year: 2016