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File under: European free jazz

Christos Chondropoulos


Label: not on label

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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Fingerpainting is the first solo release of Greek percussionist and electronic music composer Christos Chrondropoulos. The main source of inspiration for this one sided, 45 rpm, solo percussion album are the documental recordings of musicological record labels such as Smithsonian Folkways, Tangent and Ocora.

Following the short recording time format that is encountered commonly in these releases, Fingerpainting gives the impression that it's a recording of an unknown music culture that operates with its own autonomous logic. The result sounds like a peculiar multiracial improvisation that incorporates elements from the music of southeast Asia and the countries of west Africa. Another key aspect of this recording is the point where tribal music resembles sonic structures similar to those that would result from a modular synthesizer or a tape recorder setup. The album cover is curated by the artist himself, choosing an image that he painted with his fingers at the age of five'. 

File under: European free jazz
Cat. number: none
Year: 2013

Mastered by Rashad Becker. Single sided LP limited to 300 copies. Recorded in Athens, Greece, May 2011, using drums, cymbals, nipple gongs, 28' symphonic gong, tam-tams, sheep bells, cow bells, alumunium bells, singing bowls, crotales, woodblock, polystyrene, bows, brushes, sticks and mallets.

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