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Best of 2016
Best of 2016

Étant Donnés

Royaume/Aimant + Aimant - (Lp)

Label: Penultimate Press

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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This is the second of three reissues focusing on the works of Étant Donnés based on field recording and voice. Royaume (originally released on CD by Touch in 1991) is made up of four tracks and is a kind of purifying journey through the four elements that symbolically refers to the light evoked by the color green, an allegory of the grail and of the light-bringing angel. As to the poems, they tend to amount to their essentials, as is the case on the track "Matin," which is both Taoist and surrealistic. Aimant + Aimant - (originally released as a split CD and 10" by Danceteria in 1992) presents itself as a magical alchemical mantra based upon the force of love, the force of life. "Like true buffoons from ultra-world, Eric and Marc Hurtado succeed in achieving what many sages consider to be the very purpose of magical art: to create one's own ritual and , being one's own referent, to become a vibrating point in the cosmos and be a receptacle for natural energy, like those bright patches or that black point recurring in their magical music, real poems-paintings and irremediably aiming , like an insect caught between the circle and the cross, in the heat of the sun in an attempt to merge with the Whole." --Stéphane Duval

Run horse run
Sting bee sting
Fly fish fly
Burn miracle burn
How beautiful your eyes are when they look into the void
--Marc Hurtado

Cat. number: PP14
Year: 2015