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Best of 2021

Étant Donnés

Bleu (2Lp)

Label: Penultimate Press

Format: 2LP

Genre: Experimental


Following the first ever vinyl reissues of Aurore and Royaume, Aimant + Aimant - Penultimate Press is finally proud to make available the final part of this extraordinary trilogy. Etant Donnés's Bleu is the final gesture and culmination of this period of creation where poésie and la nature form a magical alliance that resonates as an alchemical wedding. Having the conviction that Bleu was the ultimate arc based on the purity of natural sound and poetry, leaning towards a mystical spiritual search towards their own souls the band then moved onto collaboration with friends and idols such as Genesis P-Orridge and Michael Gira.

File under: Electroacoustic
Cat. number: PP15
Year: 2021
Something deeply redolent of the uncanny | Read more

The work of brothers Eric and Marc Hurtado, Etant Donnes (named in tribute to Marcel Duchamp's last major piece) have been a going concern since 1980, though their music and overall vision would expand beyond the somewhat typical post-industrial experimentation of their early tapes by several orders of magnitude over the course of the late 80's and 90's, a sea change that found the two of them utilizing the context of a "band" as a means of expressing a unique range of artistic impulses related to the sacred, the ecstatic and the alchemical and expressing them in highly stylized performances where the two would enact scenes of love and hate (kissing, punching etc) while bedecked in body paint and costumes accompanied by pre-recorded tapes. Both rigorously formalized and strangely moving, their fully mature musical vision occupies a unique juncture in experimental music: a zone where cilia-prickling electroacoustic-like spatialization techniques and zoom focus perspectives on natural phenomena (insects, water, rushing air) fuse with whispered texts and spare electronic treatments to enact something deeply redolent of the uncanny.

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