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Triple Negative - Looking For Business

Triple Negative

Towers, Open, Fire / Looking For Business (7")

Label: Penultimate Press

Format: 7"

Genre: Experimental

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New on Penultimate Press. Limited to 150 copies. Notes from Penultimate Press: Nether neither either ether [C.B.]. Bad bad grace back for a death-affirming day. Hard-to-Reach claimants born in the wrong place (Bayern Tāmaki Makaurau, Arkhangel district), put out too tender & possessed by spite. 3 x negation = 15 years Philosophie Queen, 18 Meanstricken, meaning totgeschlagen! No end to the keratodermic bouzouki, knock-off Glock, plastic reed, Tascam Spiel. There’s nothing not superficial about it.

Equally cryptic are the indications about the band: Madame Tlank & Clinical Wasteman & others. Bayern Tāmaki Makaurau/northsouth London, since 1989/2003/2016. Vulnerable adults born in the wrong place, put out too tender & possessed by spite. There’s nothing not superficial about it: an animus nursed with bad bad grace. Absentee panelbeating (Tascam stand-ins), raised voices, knock-off Glock & cheap Vamvakaristic Spiel. Incorporates Philosophie Queen (+microcosmically: THE MEAN STREAKS). May contain traces of Heliogabalus, $urp!u$, Aufgehoben & S.P.U.D.

“Death-affirming!” - Dean ‘Sonny’ Blount

“Just stop feeding them” - Dean Swift

Cat. number: PP704
Year: 2018