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Ten-Room Banquet - 1
Ten-Room Banquet - 2
Ten-Room Banquet - 3

Matthieu Fuentes

Ten-Room Banquet (tape)

Label: Penultimate Press

Format: tape

Genre: Sound Art



The acoustic situations presented in Ten-Room Banquet were constructed by hybridized processes. Their constituent matter explores relationships between an idea of synthetic and of « picked up reality ». Field recording, « sound-designed » spaces, performative situations, synthesizers, analog and digital studio manipulations... are used to experiment different approaches to audio perception.

Through concrète compositions, a poetic narrative unfolds, from nervous collages to smoother sequences. Talking to itself, the “banquet hall of the Brain '' (V. Maïakovski, Backbone Flute) involves tangible and fictional events, illusions, abstract matters and melodies in perceptually disoriented objects. Spaces interlock like Russian dolls, unconscious images cross paths.

Cat. number: PPCS6
Year: 2021