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Obsidiana (excerpt)

David Maranha - Zev


Label: Sonoris

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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"Certain musicians names can speak for themselves, before even a note of music has been played. Their reputations proceed them, although of course there will also be those ignorant of both reputation and name. David Maranha - solo or with Osso Exotico - explores the territories opened up half a century ago by John Cale and Tony Conrad. Z'ev is the grandmaster of industrial/ tribal percussion. The fusion they create together is a magma of movement and stasis before which only legless cripples will remain motionless." Jérôme Noetinger / Metamkine.

"Terry Riley meets the Velvet Underground." Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly.
Cat. number: sns-11
Year: 2012
Recorded live at zdb, lisbon, 24 june 2010.