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Andrea Belfi, David Grubbs, David Maranha, Pete Simonelli

United States of America Triptych (II)

Label: Bolt

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Voice by Pete Simonelli, guitar by David Grubbs, organ by David Maranha, percussion by Andrea Belfi. Selection of texts follows that of Harry Partch's „Eleven Intrusions” Texts by Ella Young, Ella Young and Lao Tzu, Tsurayuki, Willard Motley, George Leite, Giuseppe Ungaretti

Cat. number: BR POP08
Year: 2013

Three takes on America - three journeys and three documents. Written and recorded.
Year 1939, John A. Lomax and Ruby T. Lomax in their Plymouth - going South. 6502 miles, tons of audio recordings and a diary where report on the voices of South and voices of South become barely distinguishable.
Year 1949, Harry Partch - leaving for Gualala. Old smithy on a cliff, an isolated recording studio, breeding of a troop of small creatures called "Eleven Intrusions" - perhaps one of the frst cosmopolitan reinventions of American native music.
Finally, just recently, an anonymous hunt for vanishing - say north of Highway 15 and West of Baker. Online manual.
All three documents were approached by musicians who met in Warsaw for Playback Play 2012 - a week long series of rehearsals and performances.
And then put together to form - what exactly? A historiosophical narrative in music arrangements? A distant mirage of something we have already heard somewhere? Three images of America facing each other? 

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