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Wojtek Blecharz

Liminal Studies

Label: Bolt

Format: DVD

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Wojciech Blecharz is somewhat an exhibitionist. An emotional one, of course.
With his music, he doesn’t create a vision of the contemporary world burdened with disasters, being neither a “digital indigent” nor a fan of algorithmic passages. He’s not even recognized as a political rebel who discloses his outlook on life between the notes. In the centre of his interest remains what’s closest to him – the human psychological condition in the context of experiencing crises and break-ups, traumatic memories. And he is not ashamed of deriving from life experiences, talking about them in interviews, private conversations, programmatic notes but also through musicians performing on stage.He, therefore, creates music that is emotional, even autobiographical and he has no problem with sharing it with the wider audience.

Born in Gdynia (Poland) in 1981, in 2006 he graduated with honors from Frederic Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw (Master of Arts), in 2015 received a Ph.D. in music composition at University of California San Diego. Since 2012 Blecharz has been curating the Instalakcje music festival at Warsaw’s Nowy Theater, featuring non-concert music: sound installations, performance installations, sound sculptures, music videos, music theater and Blecharz has also directed both of his opera-installations Transcryptum (2013) commissioned by Grand Theater National Opera in Warsaw and Park-Opera (2016) commissioned by Theater Powszechny in Warsaw. Currently preparing the third opera installation Body-Opera commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (premiere November 2016).
Recently composed pieces for Kwadrofonik Ensemble (Warsaw), Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra (Beijing), Klangforum Wien (Vienna), Royal String Quartet (Warsaw), Aviva Endean (Melbourne), International Contemporary Ensemble (New York), Musiques Nouvelles (Brussels).

Cat. number: BR 1038
Year: 2017