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David Maranha

Piano suspenso

Label: Sonoris

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Reissue of this 1999 release and out of print since a long time. Some reviews at the time of release : ' After a tentative opening consisting of damp harmonic scrapes, the piece takes off like a single-engined light aircraft when Maranha kickstarts his four-motored Piano effect and then starts to tease single notes from the bubbling background with his bow. This is a great and physically affecting slab of sound, where the slightest minimal shift causes tectonic plates to groan. It's gravy train stuff for fans of Maryanne Amacher, Arnold Dreyblatt and perhaps Maranha's major influence Phill Niblock. ' David Keenan - The wire (aug. 99) ' David Maranha, one third of Osso Exotico, recorded a hauntingely beautiful piece in New York, using four motors and a violin bow to play the grandPiano. The motors create rich textures of overtones that slowly go in and out of phase and make unknown harmonies audible. The bow plays something like the melody off and on. There is a very special thanks to Phill Niblock and if you know his music, then you know what to expect as it fits his tradition of minimal music very well. ' Frans de Waard - Vital weekly

Cat. number: son 21
Year: 1998