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Musicien 1914 - excerpt 1
Musicien 1914 - excerpt 2
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Best of 2019

Alberto Savinio

The Island Man (Book + CD)

Label: Die Schachtel

Format: BOOK + CD

Genre: Sound Art

In stock


Alberto Savinio - The Island Man presents the proceedings of the homage organized by NoMus at Milan’s Museo del Novecento from January 17 to May 15, 2017. The event (consisting of an exhibition, seminars, concerts, listening and film sessions) was dedicated to Alberto Savinio (brother of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico), one of the most original and versatile talents of the Twentieth Century: writer, artist, playwriter, musician, set designer, yet also author of radioplays, sketches for the theater, newspaper articles. The aim of this project is to present Alberto Savinio in his not so well-known role of musician and composer, with the scope to draw attention to Savinio’s music and especially his compositions, one of the least investigated aspects of the extraordinary artist’s vivacity. The first CD edition of Savinio, Musicien 1914, originally published on vinyl by Multhipla Records in 1978, is enclosed with the book. Alberto Savinio -  The Island Man is the second step (after Marino Zuccheri and Friends) in the series of books dedicated to Italian 20th Century music, born out of the collaboration between NoMus and Die Schachtel.

Cat. number: DS38/1
Year: 2019

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