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Precious Waste In Our Wake - excerpt 1
Precious Waste In Our Wake - excerpt 2
Precious Waste In Our Wake - excerpt 3
Precious Waste In Our Wake - excerpt 4

Triple Negative

Precious Waste In Our Wake (LP)

Label: Penultimate Press

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

**280 copies** Debut full-length from London-based three-piece originally hailing from New Zealand (Matthew Hyland), Germany (Anja Büchele), and Romania (Dennis Debitsev). Precious Waste In Our Wake (full title written nowhere: "The Fucking Terrible Receding Shapes, We Shed Precious Waste In Our Wake") is an endlessly beautiful, dense, and chaotic crawl through so many forms it can be difficult to ascertain what is actually at play here. Ostensibly a "rock" band carved from the same plank as previous outfits Philosophie Queen, The Mean Streaks, etc., Triple Negative have appeared in a somewhat complacent London with their wildly original blend of chaos shifting alongside the suggestion of a maelstrom of politics, spite, and humor. Bloodclaat Orange, Fatna Bent Lhoucine, The Associates, Aby Ngana Diop, Royal Trux, Brigitte Fontaine/Areski, and Babyfather are all somehow wished into the scenario, either suggestively, explicitly quoted or manifesting as some malformed degree of inspiration. Precious Waste features bloody-minded Schlagzeugspiel by Stephen Robinson (Aufgehoben) and Rohan P. Thomas (The Mean Streaks, Sigma Editions) with guest verses by Maria Callas/P.P. Pasolini, Marlene Dietrich, and actually existing urban foxes of Northeast and South London. Also contains "Destroyer", the first song written by Cameron Bain for The Mean Streaks (2000. complete lyric sheet: "Destroyer!"), followed immediately by Dr Moreau-style fusion of Herman Melville and Peter Perrett in glass-all-void "Immigrant Song". Also, bass sound of the miraculous Stylophone Beatbox, plus Casio MT 45 psychick dancehall, and three pairs of strings, not four, on the bouzouki. Following on from the quietly released Towers, Open, Fire / Looking For Business 7" towards the dying end of 2018 (PP 704EP), Precious Waste In Our Wake is a malediction forbidding mourning, a portfolio of old pathologies folded into a sleek new nervous wreck. Precious Waste In Our Wake exists as a hulking ride of audacious rhythmic passages swaying alongside the meanest of melodies suddenly swept over by flights most fragile.
Cat. number: PP 041LP
Year: 2019
Comes in high gloss sleeve with insert.

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