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Quattro Illustrazioni, III.  Rama - Avatara
Suite No. 9 Ttai , I.  Calmo, senza espressione
Suite No. 9 Ttai , IX.  Molto p eguale, non troppo legato
File under: Contemporary

Giacinto Scelsi

Suite No​.​9 / Quattro Illustrazioni / Un Adieu

Label: Elsewhere

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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Shira Legmann is an Israeli concert pianist, with a wide repertoire from Baroque to contemporary and experimental music. This album contains three piano works by Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi: Suite No.9 "Ttai" (1953), Quattro Illustrazioni (1953), and Un Adieu (1978/1988). This is Legmann's second CD on Elsewhere Music, following the 2019 album "Barricades" in which she was the pianist for Michael Pisaro's composition for piano/electronics.
Legmann's clean, supple yet solid piano sounds, which create a perfect balance of coolness and warmth, build a narrative flow with a stunning dynamic range, bringing these rarely performed piano works of Scelsi's back to life into the twenty-first century as timeless masterpieces.

File under: Contemporary
Cat. number: elsewhere 013
Year: 2020
With a similar disposition to oblivion, to the “lucid passivity” professed by the Italian composer, both the interpreter and the listener should approach these pieces: inviting silence and absorption, clear-mindedly entering the spirit of Scelsi’s visionary and totalizing improvisations.

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