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Giacinto Scelsi

Tre Canti Popolari + Due Componimenti Impetuosi

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: CDx2

Genre: Compositional Form

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2CD collection which re-releases two previous Sub Rosa CDs Tre Canti Popolari (SR 051CD, 1992) and Due Componimenti Impetuosi (SR 063CD, 1995), now remastered and with a new design. This is the vocal and piano music of visionary Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988). Performed by: Marianne Pousseur, Lucy Grauman, Vincent Bouchot, Paul Gerimon, Georg Alexander Van Dam, Jean-Paul Dessy, Jean-Luc Fafchamps, and Johan Bossers. Scelsi will always be known as an atypical composer. Throughout his life, he carefully stepped away from the obligatory musical currents (dodecaphonism, serial music etc.), using his fascination with tone and pure sound and asceticism to create naked, painful music on which silence has no appeasing effect. Extremely secretive (refusing to be photographed or even to sign his name), resolutely focused on mysticism, maybe converted to Buddhism, Scelsi has left a body of work that remains little known. However, his work is perhaps some of the most beautiful and uncompromising works of our time. He had no mentor, no pupils, but he did shed a lasting light on upholders of spectral music, verifying that sound is the cosmic force underpinning everything. Vocal and piano pieces that submit to the eternal tone.
Cat. number: SR 302CD
Year: 2010

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