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keith fullerton whitman

Schöner Flußengel
€ 16.90
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keith fullerton whitman - Schöner Flußengel

keith fullerton whitman

Schöner Flußengel

€ 16.90

LABEL: Kranky
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. KRANK 071 | YEAR. (2009)

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here we go... lp-only release #2 for the magnificent kranky label. this turned out exactly as i had planned it (no typos to be found!). don’t let the doom/industrial cover (which was a take off on “a sucked orange” and “ohrenschrauben”) fool you... this is a psychedelic-drone freakout of just about the highest caliber i’m currently capable of producing...

this particular record had its roots in a “krautrock-themed” lp i was working on for the deluxe label a few years back (i.e. “hrvatski ‘73”). a few of the pieces i had intended for that release (“lixus” and “weiter”) remain, albeit in vastly superior/modernized form(s).

sonically, it’s all over the map; some of my favorite archive-drones (often many of them on top of each other; see “bewussteinserweiternd”) mixed with some new “band” pieces recorded with jim siegel late in 2003. there’s even a full-on musique concrète piece made entirely of piano sounds (“gravicembalo”).

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