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Script Geometry - excerpt 1
Script Geometry - excerpt 2
Script Geometry - excerpt 3

Thomas Tilly

Script Geometry (2LP + CD)

Label: Aposiopèse

Format: 2LP + CD

Genre: Electronic

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**500 copies, 2019 stock** "Approaching the forest as if it were a city, a construct, an ensemble of strata and vertical heights where signals answer, contrast and ignore each other. Variations occur, fullness and emptiness are created according to the weather and the peak and off-preak hours. This density that language can't define presents a challenge for the ear, and from this density surfaces, from time to time, certain analogies to a modern sound environment. Cultural leads fraw our experience of these natural acoustic phenomenon towards the domain of technology: "it sounds like... it's like..." The timbres? The sound structures? There exists something in a tropical forest that sounds like and plays within the realms of electronics, music and electronics noise; something characteristic of an era long before the birth of biotopes that form this forest and create this sound. Script geometry comes from this idea and the desire to work with density, in an attempt to extract forms that characterize these analogies. Taking these sounds out of their context and rearranging them as we would patch cables on a synthesizer; weaving these strata and vertical heights into a different pattern by using the signals from the forest as if they were synthetic sounds: dissecting this spectrum and looking for something that can only be revealed through listening, this is the essence of the project. In March 2013 I traveled to the Nouragues scientific research stations in French Guiana. Situated in the heart of a tropical rain forest, these stations welcome international scientific research programs dealing with the tropical forest and its biodiversity. For the 30 days and nights of my stay, I listened to and captured the sound environment with a focus on animal communications; those which are perceptible to the human ear, but also the inaudible that exist in the ultrasonic spectrum. The result is a collection of compositions and phonography characteristic of the zone. No electronic manipulation has been added to these recordings other than a low cut filter and a light EQ mix." - Thomas Tilly

Cat. number: Apo.09
Year: 2014

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