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Sea-of-Bliss - excerpt 1
Sea-of-Bliss - excerpt 2

Don Slepian

Sea Of Bliss (LP)

Label: The Numero Group

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

First ever vinyl edition of the landmark 1980 cassette by synth wizard Don Slepian. From 1970s Hawaii on to modern day New Jersey, Don Slepian has enjoyed a reputation as one of new age’s most respected and technologically-advanced synthesists.  Slepian’s 1980 landmark Sea of Bliss is frequently cited as one of new age’s greatest albums, and is one of the genre’s most legendary tape-only recordings. Two side-length Alles synthesizer tracks transport listeners to personal paradises for relaxation, rest, focus and reset: utilizing the fabled and notoriously complex Alles digital synthesizer at the Bell Laboratories scientific research center, Sea Of Bliss features two transcendent cascading sidelong tracks, to easily qualify as one of the ultimate pinnacles of the new age genre. Cut with care using the Direct Metal Mastering process, and featuring cover artwork by visionary artist Jonathan Meader.
Cat. number: NUM806
Year: 2019

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