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Brendan Dougherty


Label: Entr'acte

Format: LP

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Sensate, recorded between 2009 and 2014 with prosumer music equipment, exploits the heavy- handed engineering of various hardware and software synthesisers, samplers and sequencers. Edition of 200 copies. Mastered by Jacques Beloeil 

Brendan Dougherty is a Berlin based musician/composer/producer. Originally from Philadelphia he moved to Berlin in 2002. He co-founded the noise band Idiot Switch and dirty ambient duo Charrd and currently plays drums in Transmit, a side project of Tony Buck (The Necks).  Dougherty is equally known for his work in theatre and performance art, having collaborated with Jeremy Wade, Liz Santoro Adam Linder, Ian Kaler, and many others. Together with Meg Stuart he created Violet which has toured internationally since 2011 and was called “a sublime sound maelstrom… a convulsive beauty” (Les Inrockuptibles).

An ongoing collaboration with his sister has resulted in many installation/performances, including; OURSONGISLONG (2003), The Gardenhouse Project (2005), Himmelfahrtskommando (2010), Platonic Solids (2013), Passion (2016).

Cat. number: E197
Year: 2016
Genre: Electronic