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Live At Lace


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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This album was originally recorded and released as an LP in 1978; Airway was a group featuring Joe Potts, Chip Chapman, Rick Potts, Dennis Duck, Juan Gomez and Tom Recchion. Live At Lacewas later included in the Cortical Foundation/RRR 10CD LAFMS box from 1995, but this version has been remastered, using the original tapes for the LP. It is considered to exhibit a "pretty different feeling of sound" and features unique artwork that was only used on Japanese-export copies of the LP when it was first released.
Crucial early-noise document from the Los Angeles Free Music Society heyday. "AIRWAY is a brainchild of Joe Potts. Here are COMMANDMENTS OF AIRWAY: AIRWAY is a hole through which our conscious passes. Sound of AIRWAY is not an object. Sound of AIRWAY has no fixed location. Sound of AIRWAY has no fixed location. Sound of AIRWAY has no fixed meaning. Sound of AIRWAY has no dimensions. Meaning and dimensions of AIRWAY sound constantly change in relation to the universe inside and outside listeners. Sound of AIRWAY has no fixed time. The "flow of time" in AIRWAY sound is psychological not physical. Sound of AIRWAY is a representation of the 'whole' of sound existing inside and outside us. Because all sound of AIRWAY is interrelated, there is no such thing as innovative sound at AIRWAY performance. Sound of AIRWAY is an unfolded manifestation of hidden (enfolded) universe,
consisting of all sound which will ever exist and has ever consisted inside and outside us." "The monster is back in its original nature! Human synthesizers!! Hijokaidan in its early days was heavily under its influence. Definitly a must for everyone in this era!" -- Toshiji Mikawa (Hijokaidan/Incapacitants ).
Cat. number: HARB 047CD
Year: 2007

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