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Le Couperet: Music For The Crimes Of Dr. Petiot


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Near-mythical compilation originally released on Broken Flag as a cassette in 1983. Around this time there were compilations coming out all over the place, usually featuring at least one of Whitehouse, Ramleh, The New Blockaders or Sutcliffe Jugend along with a bunch of other obscure noise bands. This one's been completely unattainable and I've never even seen a copy come up for sale anywhere so having a viyl reissue is great! Featured on here are Ramleh, TNB and Vortex Campaign, along with Sir Ashleigh Grove, Citipati and Depilate Corps. Nope, no idea who those three are either, I assume they're probably one-offs or psuedonyms for other bands. An excellent representation of what was a truly exciting time for the British underground, essential stuff. Featuring tracks by Ramleh, Vortex Campaign, The New Blockaders, Sir Ashleigh rove, Citipati and the Depilate Corps. Limited to #300 copies. Complete with printed inner sleeve. Released with the authorization of every contributing artist.
Cat. number: harbinger 105
Year: 2013
The "Le Couperet" compilation was released during October 1983 as BF21.
Released to celebrate the Never Say When weekend held in London, May 4th - 6th 2012.

Limited edition of 300 copies. Complete with printed inner sleeve. Mail-order copies include two A4 doubled-sided xeroxed sheets of the originals that came with the BF version. Released with the full authorization of every contributing artist.

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