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Small Cruel Party

An Accident In Substance


Format: CDx3

Genre: Noise

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Many years in the making, An Accident In Substance collects all of the 7-inch tracks and a huge number of compilation appearances of Key Ransone's legendary project Small Cruel Party. Like the pungent scent of a campfire or the complex flavor of a good, peaty single malt, Small Cruel Party's mix of environmental sounds, far-off voices, and Cartridge Music-like close manipulation of tiny sounds get into your sinuses, your hair, your jacket, melding into a location-specific surrealist vision that permeates the air around you. Fans of anything from Hum of the Druid to Yeast Culture to Id Battery to M. Behrens will find a lot to like here, and even old-school collectors of SCP work will likely find a few comp tracks here that they haven't heard before. The set comes in a DVD-sized triple-fold digipak with a slipcase. Liner notes by Patrick Barber (Blowhole, Apraxia label) and a listing of the sources of all the tracks, as well as some of Key's drawings.
Cat. number: HARBINGER053
Year: 2012

3 CD boxset in a foldout DVD digipak with slipcase.
A retrospective collection of tracks from out of print 7"s and compilation submissions.
Tracks presented in chronological order of recording date, not release date.

Remastered in Paris, spring 2007.