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Seven of Wands - excerpt 1
Seven of Wands - excerpt 2
Seven of Wands - excerpt 3
Seven of Wands - excerpt 4

John Wiese

Seven of Wands (2LP)

Label: Gilgongo Records

Format: LPx2

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Gilgongo Records presents the highly anticipated debut vinyl edition of John Wiese’s acclaimed album, 'Seven of Wands', originally released on Pan back in 2011. Uniquely beautiful, immersive, and transportive, it utilizes strategies and techniques of musique concrète and electroacoustic music, while emphasizing the mixing desk as a true instrument. As a composer, Wiese is an elusive one. Employing a very healthy range of conceptual framework throughout his oevure, he’s unmistakably recognizable, but rarely easy to predict. No matter what the sound, we find it always sounds like Wiese. 'Seven of Wands' contains a romanticism only hinted at previously. Comprised of pieces from a range of eras and sequenced into a narrative arc, this very unique album has a quality of being beautiful, listenable, immersive, and transportive all at once. Two of the albums central pieces were developed while touring the US, UK and Europe with Liars, No Age, and (in quadraphonic) Matmos, and feature source material contributed by Angus Andrew (voice, field recording) and Julian Gross (percussion) of Liars. This new 2×LP set contains a full side of previously unreleased material from the archives, making it essential for aficionados and a perfect introduction to Wiese’s solo work. 

Cat. number: GGGR-100
Year: 2019

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