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Hermann Nitsch

Sinfonie fur Mexico City

Label: Tochnit Aleph

Format: CD

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First release of Hermann Nitsch’s Symphony for Mexico City, his most recent & massive work, recorded February 27, 2015 at Museo ExTeresa Arte Actual. Mexico City. Performed by Ensemble [LIMINAR] and Students of the Conservatorio Nacional de Música. Conducted by Andrea Cusumano.

“in fact i only want to cause that great state in which one gets goose pimples, when painfully unfathomable shudders of happiness run through one with pleasure in the pain,(…) the basic movement, the ‘basic power’ of the universe should be felt, experienced; we should be confronted with an inner fundamental occurrence of the system of forces of being; it should determine us beyond good and evil, pain and pleasure, to experience a sensuality that stands above everything, which is precisely neither good nor evil; it exposes us to a cosmic joy …” (Hermann Nitsch)

Cat. number: TA135
Year: 2015
Genre: Sound Art

fullcolour 6-panel dvd-size digipak.