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Soft Terminal

Label: Digitalis Recordings

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Digitalis invite us to dive headfirst into the synth froth of 'Soft Terminal', the latest emission from maverick soundscaper Norm Chambers, aka Panabrite. Over the last few years he's amassed a small library of exceptional material for the likes of Gift Tapes, Aguirre and Digitalis, plus one rather special pearl, a real scene classic, produced incognito and which we've been sworn to secrecy over. Compared with the stacks of dribbling dronesmiths and half-baked fantasists who populate this arena, his sound is beautifully considered and almost pop-like in vision and appeal: the most unlikely heads have been singing his praises and that's testament to his pure, instinctive grasp of melody and complex, layered arrangements. It'd take a really keen ear to distinguish the proggy magic of 'Glass Palace' or the placid pastoral bliss of 'Janus' apart from vintage material - but the distinctions are arbitrary. Simply, the epic, transporting arpeggios of 'Beta Axis Terminal' or the impeccably gloopy exotica of 'Camembert Symphony' tap into a most rarified spirit shared by minimal synth music, kosmische and prog, and it's a precious thing to behold. (Boomkat)
Cat. number: DIGIV036
Year: 2012
Edition of 500 for the world

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