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Spielwiese 3


Format: Vinyl LP

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"for the latest of their sound expeditions, the two warriors of experimental music from two generations (hans joachim irmler from faust and fm einheit as a founding member of einstÜrzende neubauten), have rejuvenated themselves and added a feminine touch. here, the german multimedia performer ute-maria paul, as well as the american composer and bassoonist katie young, broaden the sound cosmos which could already be explored on "no apologies", irmler's first co-operation with fm einheit. but they all belong to the musical planetary system of irmler, who, under the slogan "spielwiese" ("playground") has undertaken sound fieldwork in various constellations since 2009. this einheit/irmler/paul/young album is what one would call innovative electro-acoustic music. in other words, the musicians create nearly all of their sounds on actual instruments - including fm einheit's subtle and masterly deployment of his steel spiral and other percussion. his strength lies in reduction. and this harmonizes in a very peculiar way with the expressive sounds of irmler's unique hybrid organ." (label info)
Cat. number: LANGBAD58LP
Year: 2012
Genre: Electronic
it comes in silkscreened cover, in a limited edition of 500 copies.