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    Edinburgh 1997

    Label: KLANGBAD

    Format: CD

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    Live at the Flux New Music Festival in Edinburgh. "Three weeks of festival, theatre, pantomime, experimental arts and music. In amongst these, Faust: A legend for the connoisseur, with constantly changing sound experiments over the past 25 years. Faust mixes industrial noise with tattered sounds, jazzy harmonies and rock rhythms. Unfettered and minimalist. A concert at a venue resembling a low, hot cave. There is a huge metal sheet in front of the stage beyond the reach of the audience. Guardian: '... an alarming, emotionally exhausting and strangely uplifting ritual and probably the most intense live theatre of the Edinburgh Fringe. Worth selling your soul for, in fact!'"
    Cat. number: f2
    Year: 1998