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No Apologies


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

RESTOCKED: Irmler and einheit represent two generations of legendary german musicians. Out of the ruins of 1968 faust emerged in the early 70s and it was with this band that irmler's organ playing was first to be heard. Hardly a decade later fm einheit's performances with einstürzende neubauten were an expression of a heightened self-consciousness and the self-proclaimed "geniale diletanten". Today these masters of evocative noise making are a motivating force for experimental music and are both active in numerous projects. Hans joachim irmler is the man behind the klangbad festival and runs the klangbad label. In 2010 he is releasing the first studio album by his band "faust" in ten years. Fm einheit is active in various theater and radio-play projects. In early 2009 they met at the faust studio where their unusual and special sound-worlds came together in the form of a recording session. The result is an exciting sound collage made up of irmlers dark spheres and the percussive sounds of fm. einheit. (label info)

Cat. number: KLANGBAD44LP
Year: 2009

Vinyl-only release, limited to 500 copies. comes in silkscreened cover, with download code including two bonus tracks.

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