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It's a bit of pain (excerpt)
So Far (excerpt)

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So Far / It's a Bit of Pain (7")

Label: Play Loud! Productions

Format: 7''

Genre: Psych

In stock


First reissue of Faust's only 7", originally released only in Germany, France, and the UK in 1972. This reissue bears the original artwork and was remastered by Faust member Hans-Joachim Irmler from the original recordings. Both tracks are non-LP versions. It is said that "It's a Bit of Pain" was John Peel's favorite Faust track. Archive your music on vinyl! "So Far’ is an instrumental: a simple rhythm chugs along, a sax stabs away, guitars and synth wail in and out. It’s a mesmerising drone, that doesn’t sit still and never fails to please. ‘It’s a Bit of a Pain’ (said to be John Peel’s favourite Faust track) is another side of Faust: a gentle acoustic, piano-led ballad/song against which a noise momentarily intercedes and a piano tinkles and a fuzzy guitar trails away to the end. Both are sublime. Although nearly 40 years old these could be seen as historical [‘Krautrock’] curiosities and ones for the collection , but they sound fresh and modern even by today’s standards and a reminder as to how insipid much of today’s music is. Do yourself a favour and feed"

Cat. number: PL 020EP
Year: 2016

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