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Messenger Birds


Swaddling Songs (Lp)

Label: Tapestry Records

Format: LP

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Classic, highly regarded and sought after acid folk / progressive rock album. Featuring girl singers Clodagh Simonds and Alison Williams, Mellow Candle never achieved commercial success they deserved spawning a legendary psychedelic folk-rock album akin to Fairport Convention or Fotheringay. Touring to support Thin Lizzy (Simonds played on Lizzy's album Shades of a Blue Orphanage) and Horslips, the band had a short lived existence. Clodagh Simonds later went on to play again with Mike Oldfield and Jade Warrior and this release serves as evidence of the talents of both Simonds and the band who deserved far more commercial success than they attained. Now rightly regarded as a classic of the genre, Esoteric Recordings are proud to add Swaddling Songs to their catalog.
Cat. number: TP 206
Year: 2018
Genre: Folk
File under: Psychethereal