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File under: Free Improvisation

Music Now Ensemble

Silver Pyramid

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Matchless Recordings presents an historic recording. Eddie Prévost's Silver Pyramid performed by Music Now Ensemble directed by Keith Rowe in London in 1969. Includes Cornelius Cardew, Lou Gare, Keith Rowe and others. The music is continuous. Time codes have been inserted at intervals to assist retrieval. Pre-Scratch Orchestra Ensemble formed by / for the occasion of the four day 'Music Now' event at the Roundhouse, 1969. The motley crew perform Eddie Prévost's 'composition' 'Silver Pyramid'. Ensemble definitely features the AMM usual suspects, Cornelius Cardew, Howard Skempton, Hugh Davies and many others, but as for who is responsible for what is conceivably the sound of a door being ripped off its hinges and a fire engine, nobody knows. Is that LaMonte Young doing some sort of drone? Is that Cardew on a penny whistle? Why is the Roundhouse no longer a psychedelic engine room? 

Recorded at The Roundhouse, London as part of a Music Now Festival on 4 May 1969.

File under: Free Improvisation
Cat. number: MRCD 40
Year: 1969

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