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Taurus - excerpt 1
Taurus - excerpt 2
Taurus - excerpt 3



Label: Ikuisuus

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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**75 copies** Rabid trio blasting out some smash and grab free muzak voodoo with deformed, blown-out grooves and brooding, midnight atmospheres that give you the same high-torque hairdryer treatment as you would get sat in the front row at a Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble gig or listening to a Vermonster LP full blast in a shipping container. Unsettling as it is invigorating, layers upon layers of elastic electronics and graceful keys lurking around - spectators to the reoccurring elephant seal deathmatch between the soaring brass and frantic percussion - leaving the whole thing feeling a bit like the soundtrack to some demented ritual that involves throwing a pile of Albert Ayler records down the stairs on the stroke of midnight, fuck knows - where’s my inhaler!? Players: Virginia GentaDavid VanzanSeif Gaber. Recorded July 2017 Handhabung, Santa Maria in Punta, Italy. Artwork (sculpture) by Salah Abdel Kerim.

Cat. number: IKASUS-068
Year: 2019

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