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Donato Dozzy, Nuel

The Aquaplano Sessions

Label: Spectrum Spools

Format: LPx2

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Over 5 years ago, Dozzy and fellow Italian engineer/producer Manuel Fogliata aka Nuel coined a strain of pure techno distilling their deeply engrained experience of '90s techno with a further reduction of noughties minimalism made with finely tuned hardware production techniques, basically burning away the cliches and impurities to leave a potent ambient techno residue. The result was a series of powerfully monotone, hypnotic and droning 12"s issued in typically low-key fashion by Berlin's Hardwax crew and feted in reverent tones by everyone from Miles Whittaker to Mnml Ssgs and Seattle's Further Records posse. They've long been sought-after 2nd hand items, so this reissue is truly welcome. First plate '000' resurrects four cuts ranging from throbbing bass trancers to slow-motion epics, body-grinding acid and slinky tribalism; 2nd plate, '1111' modulates between glacial beatless pieces and more of that mesmerising momentum perfectly adept as home listening or powerful DJ tools. Kinda unmissable, this.

Cat. number: SP 033
Year: 2014

Gatefold sleeve | All music produced and mixed by Donato Scaramuzzi & Manuel Fogliata at Nautical One Studio in San Felice Cireco, Italy between 2007 and 2008 
Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, December 2013 
Released in Association with Editions Mego

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