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Mathius Shadow-Sky

The Book of Ephemerodes

Label: Editions AcquAvivA


Genre: Sound Art

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edition of 100 copies. heretic composer, performer and conductor Mathius Shadow-Sky, pupil of Iannis Xenakis and Pierre Boulez and explorer of music. MSS reinvents musical systems, creates music instruments, electronic dispositives and new technics of playing. Being a multi instrumentist, he fights against the ghettoisation of musical styles and has created in 1996 the Trans-Cultural Syn-phônê Orchestra, with big multi cultural symphonic orchestras. Visionary of a music beyond segregation of tradition. He discovered and gives the nonoctave new music harmony (the nonoctave scalar field harmony) for the next generation of music.

Cat. number: Edizioni Acquaviva No.37
Year: 2018

Edition of 100 copies.

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