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The Collapsing Middle


Format: LP + CD

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"Debut solo full length album from Jack Allett; a skilled British guitarist formerly known as Spoono. The Collapsing Middle is his third release for Blackest Rainbow following a split with Cam Deas and a hugely limited CDr, but no mind if you missed them because this is probably his best work yet. The A-side Place, Memory and Forgetting is a stirring display of fluid finger picking and swirling, psyched-out space noises flowing and sweeping against each other in a distinctly individual style. The other side is more nuanced and perhaps less free flowing. Split into three distinct section, the first alternates between tender and sparse, and complex and rousing, before plunging midway into a stretch of sustained, silvery drone and re-emerging to a more propulsive, cantering folk mode. Unusual and unique, a must-check for fans of Jack Rose et al". (Boomkat)

Cat. number: BRR 207
Year: 1970
Genre: Folk

LTD 300