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The Collected Poem For Blind Lemon Jefferson

Label: IKEF

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

"Ikef continues to mine the extraordinary musical territory of St. Louis's fervent '60s musical innovators with the reissue of the impossibly rare Collected Poem For Blind Lemon Jefferson. Originally released on the late, brilliant saxophonist Julius Hemphill's artist run Mbari label in 1971, Blind Lemon is a highly energetic, raw and primitive avant-garde take on the Blues Mythos. Hemphill, named 'one of free jazz's most visionary composers' (Chris Kelsey, All Music Guide) is in full form as he wiggles and buckles sound around the extended, wild and fully unbridled narrative rap by celebrated Watts Writers Workshop poet K. Curtis Lyle. Fans of the Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, The Watts Prophets take note! This is a matchless document of searing black rap: beautiful, schizoid and nasty as it gets. Features additional vocals by Malinke Kenyatta."
Cat. number: IKEF 005CD
Year: 2010

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