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The Crypt - excerpt


The Crypt - 12th June 1968 (2CD)

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CDx2

Genre: Experimental

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** Restocked, reduced price** This double CD version of The Crypt - 12th June 1968 is the third edition of this recording and contains all the material that was recorded at the session in question. The fades are at places where the tapes ran out. So there was some music that escaped into the ether. The earlier vinyl pressings limited the amount of material that could be published. And to be honest, after such a long time, we had forgotten about the material excluded hitherto.
Despite being (arguably) the most ‘difficult’ material on Matchless, Amm's The Crypt has been a mainstay for the label. It obviously pays not to underestimate the audience. Its continued success has enabled us to release other works. So we felt committed, obliged almost, to keep it available. But as stocks ran low it became obvious that we would have to rethink its presentation. One CD would have meant omitting material contained in the double album boxed set. Two CDs enabled us to release the complete session. We took the plunge even though it was (is) a considerable strain on our cash-flow. But this music has proved itself not to be ephemeral.
Cat. number: MRCD 05
Year: 2011

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