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the cut

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock

-'ll have to run thru a intense long brown tunnel before arriving at the best butcher in town! he'll cut your meat down to pure droned filet americain or preparé from the chef! bears and bowie lookalikes are huge fans, as this bird butcher sliced many famous animals since a young age. he grew from playing cards in the bar with the big nuts via pinching fags in the parc to a full blown fine line worker!
spin him around and you get a conceptual artpiece, back to the old skool game of throwing cards on a table! poetics re-invented by dolle smurfen repeating the same word over and over again, until you eventually get it and snap, which usually takes a while. a perfect summer bummer for boiling brains and unusual double pleasure! classic tones, properly sliced feathers, and intense poetics. comes in a metalic green cover design of a spit and ink painting by d tyfus.
Cat. number: UE86
Year: 2010


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