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The Eight Thumbed Hand Serenades

Label: Ultramarine

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Underground’s finest couple formed by Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance are here to delight us with a massive mind-hammering tape, originally out in a uber-limited 4xCS boxset on their own Chocolate Monk label. A fair where Muezzin Nyoukis will twist & pull your brains, a choir of voices praying, gargling & ooing, discomfort and unclear clatter all over. At some point you will find yourself in a damp swamp, two sticky beings calling each other (the mutant cricket here is Karen), a little slice of private green goo. Ringy drones so soft you can lie on, crunchy fingers, broken connections, magnetic liquid, confused contacts, tractors and concrete mixers 10 miles away, softly screeching… it’s all here, every dye and every spice, what more can you ask?!

Pro-dubbed & imprinted PINK tapes with 3-panel double printed full color Jcards, artwork by Karen Constance. Edition of 100.
Cat. number: UM019
Year: 2012

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