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Guff Vout Mulch

Label: Nashazphone

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

The Smegma & Blood Stereo collab LP "Guff Vout Mulch" on Nashazphonehas finally landed. Old fashioned postal collab finished up in 2009, sweet printed colour sleeves and bonkers liner notes by the noise soulman John Olson.
Good old fashioned Trans-Atlantic postal collaboration LP between Smegma and Blood Stereo, recorded in Brighton, Pasadena and Portland. The whole shebang was finished in 2009, but Cairo's Nashazphone label didn't think you dinks were ready for it then, now they reckon you
just might be. Features the audio bufoonery of Ju Suk Reet Meat, Rock N Roll Jackie, Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Victor Sparks, Nour Mobarak, Dylan Nyoukis & Karen Constance. Edition of 450 copies,

“It sounds like what happens when Blood Stereo's re-imagined, 1,000 year old Druid Chants, are invaded by Smegma's looped, psychedelic-folk-stomps Circa Early 2009”"- Ju Suk

Cat. number: NP-10
Year: 2013

ltd 450