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c'est pourquoi il importe, aux époques d'adversité, de demeure

Label: Nashazphone

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock

No one knows or will ever know who ASTREINTE are and what their story is. If ever told, they’ll be immediately elevated to cult status considering their personal backgrounds and live shows (besides the fact that anything remotely French, sounds wonderful in North America nowadays). ASTREINTE is a five to nine members collective delivering a totally deafening sonic wall assault directly inspired by Japanese legends such as Hijokaidan or CCCC. The group mainly consists of hippies, crust punks, industrialists, garage rockers and a jazz fanatic. Dwelling in and around Pau, in the south west of France, near the Pyrenees and the Spanish border, their very scarce and violent live appearances have been greeted with comparatively aggressive and emotionally charged reactions. “C’est pourquoi il importe…” is their debut LP as a nine piece (vocals, guitar, bass, trumpet, drums, 2 x synths, electronics). Edition of 190 copies.
Cat. number: NP-07
Year: 2009