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Suite The Hen's Teeth

Label: Incunabulum

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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*Exquisite black and silver silk screen printed cover. Limited edition** Oh man, this match-up must be a dream come true for at least a handful of freaks, somewhere, us included! The tenth release on Jozef Van Wissem's Incunabulum imprint sees the label curator jamming with LAFMS legends, Smegma at the Pink House in Portland, 2010, infusing his 13-course swan neck baroque lute into their uncontainable free improvisations in eight parts. They appear to be entirely respectful of each others space, oscillating dominance equally between the players, and at other times allowing Van Wissem to move forward while they shape and colour the space behind him. They start with a short prelude of diffused electro-acoustic electronics and randomly plucked strings before Van Wissem takes centre stage on Bransle De Chevaux, his steady cyclical repetitions creating a passage through thickets of spatialized drones, wheezing woodwind and stray percussion. While the two elements are distinctly separated there, on 'Fugue La Psyche' they're more consolidated and dissolute, fracturing and morphing against each, before again they're given more individual space on the hypnotically folksy 'L'Air Americane'. There's something genuinely trippy about these two outfits playing together ad we're certain we'll be returning to 'Suite The Hen's Teeth' many times. Limited copies, act fast! Highly recommended! (boomkat)
Cat. number: inc 10
Year: 2011
Black and silver silk screen printed cover. Limited edition of 300