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Mirage (Lp)

Label: Important Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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With Mirage on Important Records, Smegma again does the impossible. 38 years after reinventing the musical wheel, they have recorded a stunning masterpiece. With four of the original members working together again for the first time in many years, together with many new collaborators , they have kept alive their unique brand of old school primitive, Avant/Garage music. Running the gamut from the Musique Concrete inspired subtilely bombastic mood of the Title track.
to World of my Own's frenzied noise/funk jams , that morph past Rock'n [Eno/Roxy Music era] Garage band, before finally slipping into a primitive meditation involving silly voices,Toys, Record Players and such. On the other hand F-85 Turbo Rocket blasts strait to psycho Rockabilly heaven and is over before it all sinks in. With its timeless creepy beauty, the front cover drawing/collage sets the stage for this strange journey.
Several of the tracks were recorded live at a Smegma House Party in Portland September 2009 including a spontaneous jam, exclusive to the LP. The CD includes a unique Smegma House Party track and a bonus 1973 original Pasadena unreleased recording.

Cat. number: IMPREC311LP
Year: 2010

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