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The Indian Music Of Chiapas, Mexico
€ 17.90
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various - The Indian Music Of Chiapas, Mexico


The Indian Music Of Chiapas, Mexico

€ 17.90

GENRE: Folk | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. MJCR0000024 | YEAR. (2014)

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The Indian Music Of Chiapas, Mexico'. In the mid 1970's Richard Alderson made these amazing recordings in Chiapas, Mexico. A very unique blend of ancient music and modern rhythms. Here we have modern Mayan people singing folk songs accompanied by guitar, ragged brass bands, and much more. A trip into a very beautiful world. The cover is a faux Folkways style wrap around print on an old school "tip on" jacket. Includes liner notes. A co-release with Mississippi Records.

"The music of the indigenous people of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas reflects many varied influences, past and present. These people are subsistence farmers, with shepherding, cattle raising, hunting and handicrafts as secondary occupations. The four languages spoken here—Tzoztil, Tzeltal, Chol, and Tojolabal—all share their basic Mayan roots with both Aztec and Spanish borrowings. Ritual, social, and religious expression are viewed as one concept by these people..." Richard Anderson

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