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Modern At The German Jazz Festival 1966

Label: Be! Jazz

Format: CDx2

Genre: Jazz

In stock


Double album with unreleased live recordings from the German Jazz Festival 1966 featuring all the big German names of the time - Albert Mangelsdorff, Horst Jankowski, Hans Koller, Rolf Kühn, Klaus Doldinger etc! Listen to Mangelsdorff's "Plakate" or Kühn/Doldinger's "Gemini Waltz". Limited edition release (500 copies) with spectacular sound quality! "We are very excited to announce what we think is one of the most exciting jazz albums that have been issued in recent years. It includes the most beautiful unreleased live recordings from the German Jazz Festival 1966! This 2-CD set comes in a Saba-style gatefold cover. We had the impression that these recordings could easily have been part of the Saba/MPS catalogue back in 1966 – that’s why we decided to design the covers and labels in the style of original 1960s Saba sleeves. The front cover features original artwork by German jazz graphic icon Günther Kieser.
This album’s music will not only blow you away – it comes in perfectly remastered top quality as well. Terms like “a must” are overused nowadays; however, we promise this is a “real must” for every serious jazz collector. It truly deserves any superlative available!!

Cat. number: Be! Jazz 6084/85
Year: 2016

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