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Father Yod And The Spirit Of '76, The Source Family

The Mystic Road (Book)

Label: Drag City

Format: Book

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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* 2021 Stock * The Mystic Road A 22 Week Guided Meditation. A few are born with great powers of concentration, Others gain it by years of laborious endeavor. These exercises will bring results With a minimum of effort in a very short time. The satisfactory life is a life of continual growth. There is no such thing as standing still. One must either rise steadily, or he will gradually sink into oblivion. It matters not whether one’s worldly wealth is ten dollars or ten million. The rule is the same. Every person, whether rich or poor, who has the intelligence to understand this and follow the rule of life, has need of the development offered by the Mystic Road. It frees him from the chains of misfortune and protects him from the cruel buffetings of fate. It replaces poverty of soul and purse with plenty, and renders secure the possessions of life’s desires through the conscious control of the creative element.

Now You Can Focus Your Mind As A Magnifying Glass Focuses The Sun . . . Start A Fire In Your Soul ! The greatest devil in the universe is fear, and the greatest crime is ignorance – ignorance of the marvelous power innate in every human being. Either in this or a future life you will have to undergo the triple evils of ill-luck, want and deprivation until you have learned to conquer them through your divine heritage of power: in other words, to be born again mentally through the unfoldment of your mind. The sooner you realize this truth and act upon the biblical promise, “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you,” the sooner will you enter into the promised land of good and plenty and your world will become for you what it was intended to be, a world of continuous enjoyment. By applying the sacred, oriental, occult knowledge of the workings of the mind, nerves, and nerve centers enables you by the devotion of only a few minutes a day of your spare time to develop your powers to an unbelievable degree. A few minutes a day is not study. It is the conscious unfoldment and direction of the undeveloped portions of your mind so that they work continuously for you.

The real basis of the power developed is by means of two things. First, the development of the ability to use the universal life energy which is everywhere and which is closely akin to electricity. At the start you may doubt the existence of such a force, but long before you have finished the instruction all such doubt will be removed. The development of the nerve centers or plexuses, particularly the plexus of power, is the second thing. A brief preparation is necessary before you can start these developments. This preliminary instruction is covered by the first few lessons. Do not slight these initial lessons. They are an absolute necessity for what will follow and, in addition, they possess great value in themselves.

In fact, if you went no further than the first few lessons the value to you would be many times the cost of the slight effort involved. After the ability to control power has been developed, there will be given to you in the final lessons the secret key which will give you the exact methods to follow in order to divert these powers to the fulfillment of your own desire.

Cat. number: YHVH8890
Year: 2011