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Günter Schickert, Klaus Schulze

The Schulze-Schickert Session (LP)


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Beautiful, previously unreleased private home recording of kosmische drifts starring Schulze alongside his roadie and noted early Krautrock guitarist. Glossy gatefold vinyl with liner notes and photos** "For the first time ever, from the vaults of Klaus Schulze, comes The Schulze-Schickert Session, a rare and previously unreleased private session featuring echo-guitar pioneer, Günter Schickert. Recorded on 26 September 1975 in Klaus Schulze’s home Studio in Hambuehren, Germany, Schulze can be heard playing an EMS Synthi A, as well as keyboards, and a Syntanorma, while Schickert plays a 12-string Framus with metal strings and also sings on a few tracks. Although Schickert’s name is little-known outside of a very select circle of krautrock fans, he was a key member of the Berlin free jazz scene of the 1960s and a pioneer of the echo-guitar. Just prior to the recording of this informal session, Schickert’s first LP, Samtvogel, was released on the seminal Brain label. On the two bonus tracks, found only on both CD versions, Schickert’s playing ebbs, as Schulze takes on the more dominant role."

Cat. number: MIR 100704LP
Year: 2013

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