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Luca Garino

The Woodcarver

Label: Canti Magnetici

Format: TAPE

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An acousmatic track based on field recordings mainly collected on the mountains of Northern Italy during two different phases of a wood harvest work.  "please close your eyes, just close them"
Luca Garino (Italy, 1978) is an Italian composer active since 1996 in the fields of electronic and concrete music. He started as self-taught and then continues his research at computer music at LaSDIM (Laboratorio per la sperimentazione e la didattica dell'informatica musicale). Previously active under the moniker of AHV and Psalm'n'Locker, "The Woodcarver" is his first release under his own name.


Cat. number: Canto 04
Year: 2016
Genre: Electronic
File under: Musique Concrète