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Claudio Rocchetti

these are the days

Label: Smallvoices

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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out of print LP, "These are the days" is a collection of short pieces all around of memory concept... a sort of back-up of experiences on Claudio's preferred media (tapes and vinyls). Tapes and vinyls are here used in a double way: in their common way, the Universal recognized one. As sound reproducers, as technological element of our day-life with their own personal story linked to all the people who owned them... they are full of memory, they are part of our World. But if you change the rules and use the machines in an unusual way, the story change and also the result. Driving them over the limits we can discover unexpected borders... "...I'm attracted by places where the human presence is denied or cancelled, but where you can still hear their vibes. Abandoned flats, tube stations in disuse, spaces in which Nature grows between asfalt and cement, resuming what men has stolen..." CR. Limited to 300 copies

Cat. number: SVV0000009
Year: 2007