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Label: Smallvoices

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Maurizio Bianchi is back on vinyl! A new special limited edition from SmallVoices and the father of Italian industrial music, together with Land Use in this new chapter of his legendary career. An oppressive meditative obscure early-industrial symphony based on two monolithic pieces of thick throbbing stuff. A long deep trip into the darker meanderings of the human mind... good luck! From the liner-notes "Electro-neural mitosis for hypochondriac neurotronic waves and farraginous tone emissions, achieved during the decline of the 2005 by Maurizio Bianchi and Land Use." Preface "The tabular discovery of the infectious scent is unseatting the undelayable grinding of an extremistic property. In the rancid combination of "Bionic Music" and "Musique Concrète", the virological zoning renders some synthetic and respectable optograms to the marginal intractability. 'TSE-K' oppresses the phototherapeutic egotism with its pre-recorded electronic sources and deranged acoustic samples. It's the sharp and insignificant scream melted together with mutated voices... Physiological disinfestation and sonic treatment for the hypochondriac listener." - Maurizio Bianchi

Cat. number: SVV011
Year: 2007

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